Inspiring Architecture

While the overall aesthetic of a building requires every element to work in harmony, the details of the structure and their composition are what add up to create this sum. The smallest details can help or hinder the visual – even the physical balance of what an architect has set out to achieve.

This is a collection of photos that Septagon Construction supplier, Butler Manufacturing has provided. These buildings have been created with the same engineered steel that we use at Septagon. Incorporating interesting features like these adds to the unique and custom feel that every business seeks. When designing a building for a customer, we don’t start with these details. We have opportunities to add these features of interest at certain points in the process, only after we get to know who we’re building for and what their needs are. The characteristics in these photos could be used as inspiration when drawing up plans for future buildings.

We’ve chosen these photos because of the way they display features used to complement the structures. Elevating the style without departing from the overall visual of the building is a fine line. The following are photos of Butler Buildings that have done this well.

Please click through the images below.