5 Construction FAQs

By Joe Klein – Septagon Construction Consultant

Customers often have several questions when it comes to construction. Since there are a lot of unknowns, it can be challenging for them to know where to start. As a Construction Consultant, it’s part of my job to help clients start the process and teach them how Septagon works. With Septagon’s Design-Build approach, we can take a business owner from planning to completion, answering any questions that may arise along the way. The following frequently asked questions and answers may be helpful to you if you’re considering partnering with us.

“What is self-performance?”

Many businesses hire someone to do certain steps of the building process, such as concrete, iron work, and carpentry. At Septagon, employees on our team are able to perform all of these tasks.

“When can you start?”

The answer is more nuanced than just looking at a calendar. We need to see where the customer is in the process. Has land been purchased? Has financing been secured? These are the types of things we look at when determining when to begin construction. We must evaluate what has been done before we figure out when we can get started.

“How long will this project take?”

This is another question that will require further examination. We will look at the size and scope of the project with you to determine a timeline. We will be better able to prepare a timeline after a project is bid on, budgeted, planned, and ready to go to final approval. Once the timeline is established, we will keep you informed of the progress and any changes that may arise. We will also provide regular updates on the project’s progress to ensure that it meets the agreed upon timeline.

“How do I know what I will get with my budget?”

We can provide a detailed scope letter of what we have included in our estimate, so there is no confusion. We realize the importance of both parties understanding the job at hand and exactly what is expected. We also understand that staying within the budget is a priority.

“Do you only do big projects?”

While we are known for our large-scale building projects, we work on projects of all sizes and take pride in having repeat customers, providing service to them for years to come as small and large projects come up.

I hope these questions have provided some clarity as to how Septagon operates and how we can work with you as a prospective customer, to create an agreed-upon plan that meets your needs. We are committed to serving the communities we inhabit by fully understanding our customers’ needs and effectively fulfilling our commitments. Contact your nearest Septagon branch to see how we can meet your building needs.