Construction Management Company

At Septagon, we are committed to building service and delivering the highest quality for our clients. As a construction manager, we represent the owner's best interest, while ensuring cost-efficiency and quality control for each project.

Construction management site

A large-scale building project involves many moving parts, and a project's success depends on strong management. Using the construction management approach to project delivery can lead to increased savings, reduced or prevented issues and streamlined workflows.

When working as the construction manager on a project, Septagon provides oversight on the project on behalf of the owner. We work with all parties, including architects, engineers, general and trade contractors to help deliver the project on time and on budget. We represent the owner's interest from the planning phase through project completion and we manage the project budget, job site safety and quality to ensure a successful construction process.

We know each project has unique needs. Our team can serve as your agent, which is particularly beneficial for public sector jobs. We can also serve as a construction manager with a shared risk in the critical elements of the project. Regardless of the structure of the relationship, we fully understand and address any challenge that may arise.

If you are looking for experienced and knowledgeable construction managers, contact the Septagon team today to get started.