Powerful storms swept through the Midwest in mid-March. Damage was wide-spread, and in the wake of one tornado was in Iowa.

Septagon representatives responded early morning, Monday, March 13 to a 6,500-square-foot hole that left an entire corner of the building open to the elements. Crews from three Missouri locations and one of its Iowa offices supplied labor to get repairs made as quickly as possible. Other jobs were temporarily halted, to make sure Septagon was fully committed to restoring business operations.

Crews worked quickly to get the facility weather tight and installed temporary roof panels and a 160-foot long by 24-foot tall stud wall until steel could be ordered for a permanent fix. Shoring columns were installed to make sure the facility was stable, and the company could continue to serve their customers.

Septagon is proud to have employees who are committed to its clients by traveling out of state and working extended hours to get one business back up and running.

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