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commercial, industrial, and institutional construction


Design BuildDesign-Build

Septagon’s Design-Build construction process allows the clients to work with one company throughout the entire construction process. We provide construction services while helping the client select the best design services to fit the needs and style of the facility.

This means, we assemble the best architect, engineer, and interior designer that will best fit the project and guide the client though the myriad of choices that arise over the course of the construction process. We will show you the best route when navigating questions like: “Which location and site is best? How do I best use the site I have? How much building can I afford? Can I improve the look and stay under budget?”

Septagon Construction’s design-build team will deliver on  your expectations and determine the essential issues to create your idea facility.


General ContractingGeneral Contracting

Septagon is successfully awarded General Contracting projects on a high percentage of our bids each year, and we enjoy a great reputation with the design professionals in our region.

Conventional General Contracting is a time-tested method of construction, where completed construction documents are required prior to setting a price for your project.

Typically, the selection of the General Contractor is based on a price derived from competitively bid or negotiated subcontractor bids.

The contractor is responsible for construction, schedule, selection of subs and suppliers, and safety.  The architect prepares the plans and serves as an agent of the Owner but usually has no construction budget responsibility.

Regardless of the process used to select Septagon, our clients are assured the highest level of professionalism, experienced supervision, construction quality, and safety on their project.

Construction Management
Construction Management

The system of Construction Management assures the Owner of cost efficiency, quality control, and professional representation of the Owner’s best interest.  In short, Septagon’s Construction Management service is designed to complement and enhance the services of the architect.

With our roots as a self-performance general contractor and as a successful design-build contractor, Septagon’s Construction Managers are in a position to fully understand and address any challenge that may come our way.

As either a Construction Manager serving as your agent, which is particularly beneficial for public sector jobs, or as a Construction Manager with a shared risk in the critical elements of the projects, our clients receive the most professional representation available through the Construction Management process.


Waterloo Industries
Re-roof Services

A leaking roof can damage your inventory, halt production and diminish your profits. Short-term fixes never seem to solve the problem.  Respond to these situations with a long-term, best value roof solution from Septagon.

With our thermal imaging capabilities, we can perform a complete evaluation of your roof system to pin point areas that need immediate attention or routine preventative maintenance. This information comes to you in the form of infrared images, photographs and core cuts all compiled in a report.

Septagon’s roof solutions offer reduced heating and cooling costs compared to conventional roofing materials and are virtually maintenance free. The systems also help you meet LEED and ENERGY STAR Cool Roof standards.

So, regardless if you have a leaky flat roof, metal roof or membrane roof, Septagon can find the best value Roof Solution to fit your budget.

Rick Schlesselman: 660-827-5955
Mike Larsen: 515-986-7313


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Maintenance Services

Septagon Construction offers customers comprehensive maintenance, repair, renovation and building expansion services.

Because each project is unique, Septagon’s Maintenance Services team is comprised of building professionals with diverse field
experience. This enables Septagon to accurately assess, engineer, and execute projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By having in-house field forces performing concrete, carpentry and steel work, Septagon is able to get the job done quickly and efficiently with solid lines of communication between business owners and Septagon staff.

Septagon will work to meet your scheduling demands. That means we’ll work during plant shut-downs, at night, on weekends and even holidays to meet our customers’ emergency needs or aggressive schedule.

Services we provide:


  • Building Concrete Pads
  • Sidewalk Replacement
  • Pouring Driveways & Curbing
  • Equipment Foundations


  • Interior Remodels
  • Tenant Finishes
  • Adding on to Buildings
  • Cutting & Installing Docks
  • Repairing Floors
  • Replacing Metal Door Panels & Frames
  • Stairways, Mezzanines, Railings
  • Handicap Ramps
  • Tool or Security Cages

Any concrete, carpentry or steel services.

Phone: 660-827-5955                            Phone: 573-442-6187                                        Phone: 573-893-3113
Fax: 660-826-8058                               Fax: 573-443-0986                                            Fax: 573-893-6038

Phone: 515-986-7313                              Phone: 319-365-6948
Fax: 515-896-7309                                Fax: 319-365-9362




Multi Location ClientsMulti-Location Clients

Clients that own or operate facilities in multiple locations face a unique set of construction challenges. We understand these challenges.

Whether it is the differences in local building code requirements, the unique challenges of a 24-hour fast food restaurant or convenience store, or the high volume demands of your multi-state warehousing operations, Septagon is able to meet your needs.

We have offices in strategic locations in both Iowa and Missouri and have frequently traveled to neighboring states to service our multi-location clients with everything from new construction to routine maintenance.  We are confident in our ability to serve your multi-location construction service needs.


Multi-Location Satisfied Customers Include:

  • 3M: Missouri and Iowa
  • Airgas: Missouri and Iowa
  • Aldi Foods: Multiple locations in Missouri
  • Casey’s General Store: Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnsota
  • Dohrn Transfer: Missouri and Iowa
  • FedEx: Missouri and Iowa
  • First General Services: Multiple locations in Iowa
  • General Mills: Missouri, Iowa and Illinois
  • Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.: Missouri and Iowa
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.: Missouri and Iowa
  • ProEnergy Services: Missouri and multiple international locations
  • Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers: Missouri and Georgia
  • RSC Equipment Rental: Missouri, Iowa, Texas, North Dakota, Arkansas and Oklahoma
  • Schwan’s Home Services, Inc.: Missouri and Iowa
  • Tyson Foods, Inc.: Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska
  • WireCo WorldGroup: Missouri and Texas


Project DevelopmentProject Development

Over the years, Septagon has developed both simple and complex projects throughout the Midwest for both public and private sector clients.

We are experienced and willing to serve as advisor, designer, investor and contractor or in any combination of these roles, and have done so for many private investors and multi-location corporations.

Let us know what you need to keep your organization’s construction goals on track.

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