The Great United Way Horse Race

United Way horse

(Jefferson City, Missouri) – Septagon Construction Company, a company providing design-build, general contracting and construction management services to clients in Missouri and Iowa, believes it’s important to be well-rooted in our communities. Part of Septagon’s organizational mission is to be leaders in our industry and to serve within our communities.

The partnership we have established with the United Way of Central Missouri over the years allows us that opportunity. Our community has experienced several devastating events this year, including a destructive tornado and significant flooding. We are grateful that funds from our donations stay in the area to help rebuild and strengthen our community after incidents like these.

Septagon is pleased to announce the kickoff of our 2019 United Way of Central Missouri Campaign, “The Greatest Gift on Earth”. This year, Septagon was happy to donate the plywood and cut out approximately 50 horses for the campaign pacesetter businesses to decorate and display for the 2019 campaign duration. These “Carousel Horses” will be scored in 5 categories and a winner will be selected for each category on August 29th at the United Way Community Campaign Kick-off Event.

Septagon would like to thank Schyler Caley, Alex Jackson, and Chris Deckard for cutting out the horses and Debbie Hartman, Mike Grefrath, David Bax, Doug Schaefer, and Steve Buhr for decorating Septagon’s, pictured above!